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If it’s a cold winter… I’ll be ready

Here’s hoping for a cold(ish) winter.  Why?  So I can wear this pair of mittens I’ve just knitted using the chunky handspun marled merino I plied back in early July. The yarn was rather inconsistent so I’ve had to do a … Continue reading

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Off the loom at last

I’ve finally finished my coverlet sample with a good portion woven with handspun merino, and it’s off the loom.  Hurrah! After 3 months, and 4 different samples, I’ve achieved a fabric which feels light but substantial. It has washed well and … Continue reading

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Cognitive dissonance

I’m just not a delicate, lacy person and especially not a lacy knitted shawl one. I’m drawn more towards chunkier stuff.  So what do I do?  Buy some lovely fine yarn and find a lacy shawl pattern. There is some … Continue reading

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Novelty not Designer

I’ve been wondering what to do with my small samples of handspun merino blend, especially as the early ones are a bit uneven.  After reading Spinning Designer Yarns and getting enthused, I had a look through my stash and decided … Continue reading

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