New year – new term – new projects

There’s been a slight pause in posting but I haven’t been too idle. I finally completed the doubleweave sample described back in November. It was definitely a labour of love.

On many occasions, I wondered why I’d made quite such a long warp but in the end I’m rather glad I did.  It forced me to experiment, push myself that bit harder and have fun with it.

Whilst searching for inspiration on how to use up the warp, I stumbled upon a small black and white photograph of a doubleweave hanging of the signs of the zodiac. It’s on page 103 in Else Regensteiner’s book The Art of Weaving and is so charming that I thought I’d have a go at Taurus, the Bull.  Here he is!

Taurus the Bull

Taurus the Bull

I completed the sample over the Christmas/New Year holidays – without the support at weaving class.  Considering it was all done by eye ‘on the loom’ (not advisable) I’m quite proud of myself!

The only mistake I’ve made, apart from the dodgy edges (well, you can’t concentrate on everything!), was this “star”.  If you look closely at the bottom edge, you’ll see it isn’t crisp – it’s called a ‘bleeding edge’ and it means I started the light pick at the wrong point.

Could be worked up into a cityscape hanging

Could be worked up into a cityscape hanging

I haven’t been able to take a good photograph of the whole sample yet. I blame the endless grey days and poor technique!  But the details are just about acceptable.

Stylised hand

Stylised hand

Doubleweave detail

Doubleweave detail

Early on, I did question if I’d ever use this construction in earnest to make a proper finished piece.  But after finding the signs of the zodiac hanging I’m a convert – even if the actual technique does send my head into a spin every so often.

Verdict:  give it a go!

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