Doubleweave or double trouble?

This term’s weaving project is Doubleweave.  So, having been temporarily diverted by weaving Christmas decorations, I’ve finally got going with my sample.

How is it going?   Mmmm…

Having dabbled with doubleweave in the past, I haven’t been particularly inspired by my current sample.  I’ve worked through weaving separate layers – top layer pale blue – bottom layer plum  I’ve reversed the layers – and seen how I could insert wadding before each reverse – useful if I wanted to make heat resistant table mats.

But, I definitely haven’t been convinced by colour-and-weave stripes in doubleweave.

So by last week’s class I was becoming a bit dispirited until I decided to ‘play’ with a bit of leno to remind myself how much I enjoy manipulating threads:

Leno and Doubleweave

Experimenting with leno and doubleweave

Then I decided it was time to move on to colour blocks using pickup sticks. I’m thankful we worked through the technique r-e-a-l-l-y  s-l-o-w-l-y  !

Doubleweave blocks

Doubleweave blocks using pickup sticks

Here’s what it looks like on the reverse side.

Doubleweave revers

Doubleweave block reverse side

One thing I realised very early on was you can’t lose concentration for a moment otherwise threads of the wrong colour start appearing in all the wrong places… and no-one wants to do the amount of unpicking I’ve had to do!!

doubleweave blocks

I really like this effect and can see the potential.  I’m using my trusty 4-shaft table loom and am looking forward to next week’s class to see what else I can do with this technique on 4-shafts.


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