Glutton for punishment: part 1

I must be a glutton for punishment as I’ve put another doubleweave project on the loom! This time I’m weaving a doubleweave overshot runner using the ‘Sun, Moon and Stars’ pattern in Marguerite Davison’s ‘Handweavers Pattern Book.’

Sun, Moon and Stars

Sun, Moon and Stars

This pattern has been adapted by Jennifer Moore in her book ‘Doubleweave’.

I can confirm the threading up requires a great deal of patience.  It’s very closely sett (I’m using 2/6’s cotton) @ 32 epi.

Midway through threading up 'Sun, Moon and Stars' doubleweave

Midway through threading up ‘Sun, Moon and Stars’ doubleweave

All done... phew!

All done… phew!

Mistakes were inevitable and sure enough, there were two!  The crossed threads were easy to fix – just swap them over.  Correcting a thread on the wrong shaft was trickier. I had to make a new string heddle, and ensure the thread ended up at the right height and tension.  Pins are an essential part of any weaver’s toolkit!

Corrected mistake

Corrected mistake

One suprise was the difficulty I had working out the treadling pattern described in Jennifer Moore’s book.  Once again, weaving class came to my rescue as together we interpreted the instructions.

So I’m off and weaving and the pattern is progressing well.  As usual, there’s always the ongoing battle between leaving enough weft for each pick but not too much so yarn “bubbles” appear, and not leaving enough so the cloth starts to pull in.  I’ve looked underneath at the reverse side – there are more “bubbles” there but that’s to be expected. Apparently it’s called gravity!

Doubleweave runner: first repeat

Doubleweave runner: first repeat

I love my trusty old loom with its string heddles but with such a close sett it’s struggling. Early on, the shafts weren’t fully dropping because all the heddles seemed to be bunching up.  This meant I wasn’t getting a clean shed every time and had to go back to ‘neutral’ before raising the next shaft(s).  However, it does seem to be getting easier as more cloth is woven.

Here’s what my working notes look like…

Doubleweave runner notes

Doubleweave runner notes

They make sense to me!!

Part 2 to follow in due course.

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