New hat, new pattern

I’ve enjoyed knitting this hat – it’s a Christmas present for my other half.

John's hat

John’s hat

The pattern is a standard k2p2 rib then ‘Ringwood’, of which there seem to be several versions!  I’ve knitted: rounds 1 and 2 knit, round 3 k1p1.  This gives quite a ‘stretchy’ fabric which is also quite robust and thick when knitted up in Artesano’s superwash merino even though I used 4.5mm needles.

Yet again, I’ve been surprised just how slowly this wool ‘grows’.  It’s taken far longer to make than I envisaged.  Furthermore, decreasing on alternate rows whilst maintaining the pattern demanded a bit more concentration than usual, especially late on a Friday.

The colour is ‘green’ which is a lovely dark shade – sadly, the photographs don’t do it justice.

John's 'Ringwood' hat

John’s ‘Ringwood’ hat

The next challenge will be to knit a pair of matching ‘Ringwood’ gloves !



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