Books in my library:

Learning to Weave Deborah Chandler
Doubleweave: The Weaver’s Studio Jennifer Moore
The Art of Weaving Else Regensteiner
The Techniques of Rug Weaving Peter Collingwood
Colour-and-Weave Design Ann Sutton
The Joy of Handweaving Osma Gallinger Tod
The Four-shaft Table Loom Anne Field
Weaves and Pattern Drafting John Tovey
The Tapestry Handbook Carol K Russell
The Technique of Woven Tapestry Tadek Beutlich
On Weaving Anni  Albers
Byways in Hand-Weaving Mary Meigs Atwater
Weaving without a Loom Veronica Burningham
Inkle Weaving Helen Bress
Color in Spinning Deb Menz As you might expect, the emphasis is on dyeing and the theory and use of colour rather than spinning. Useful for self-study and to dip in to.
Spinning Designer Yarns Diane Varney Be inspired.
Hand Woolcombing and Spinning Peter Teal
How to Knit Debbie Bliss By my side whenever I’m knitting. A great reference book with excellent stitch libraries throughout.  A book to give you confidence.
Finishes in the Ethnic Tradition Suzanne Baizerman and Karen Searle
The Textile Design Book Karin  Jerstorp and Eva Kohlmark

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