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Glutton for punishment: part 2

It’s taken a thoroughly miserable day weather-wise to catch up with my posts. I’m pleased to report that I did finally finish the doubleweave overshot runner.  Here’s one side… and here’s the other: It wasn’t the most exciting piece to … Continue reading

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Off the loom at last

I’ve finally finished my coverlet sample with a good portion woven with handspun merino, and it’s off the loom.  Hurrah! After 3 months, and 4 different samples, I’ve achieved a fabric which feels light but substantial. It has washed well and … Continue reading

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What’s on the loom?

I lug my trusty, ancient, George Maxwell 4-shaft table loom to class each week.  It groans and creaks, and the cords often break but it’s solid and stable. I wouldn’t swap it. What’s on the loom at the moment? My … Continue reading

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