Cognitive dissonance

I’m just not a delicate, lacy person and especially not a lacy knitted shawl one. I’m drawn more towards chunkier stuff.  So what do I do?  Buy some lovely fine yarn and find a lacy shawl pattern.

There is some logic at play though. I do like to wear a bright scarf during the cooler months and I’d like to wear more handmade things. I also want to improve my knitting.

So here’s my first attempt at a lacy-ish shawl…

lacy shawl

lacy shawl – yarn from The Old Piggery; pattern ‘Multnomah’ from

The yarn is a 100g/800m skein of luxury 2-ply lace yarn in the colour ‘Moorland Heather’ from The Old Piggery. It’s 45% silk/55% superwash Blue Faced Leicester.

I searched Ravelry for a suitable pattern that would show off the lovely subtle colours and would be simple to follow.  Hello Knitty’s ‘Multnomah’ pattern fitted the bill perfectly.

The pattern calls for only 412 yards of fingering weight.  So after consulting a friend who is a much more experienced knitter, I took the plunge and plied the yarn.

This added a whole new complexity to the project as I had to divide the skein equally, make two balls and ply the two strands.  The trouble is that you don’t know if it’s all going to work out OK until you get to the end of plying… hoping against hope that one strand doesn’t run out a long way before the other!

I can’t say I managed to follow the feather and fan pattern perfectly but this is usual for me. I find it almost impossible to start and end with the right number of stitches despite continuous counting! Luckily, the howlers don’t seem to show to the casual observer.

shawl detail

shawl – feather and fan detail

All in all, this was a lovely experience, combining a knitting challenge with a bit of spinning, which I could do (more or less) whilst watching the Olympics!

The outcome is a light, soft shawl which I’ll be wearing with pride.

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