Novelty not Designer

I’ve been wondering what to do with my small samples of handspun merino blend, especially as the early ones are a bit uneven.  After reading Spinning Designer Yarns and getting enthused, I had a look through my stash and decided to have a go at producing some “novelty” plied yarn.

I matched the blue merino blend with some turquoise wool…

novelty ply blue 1

merino silk blend & wool ply

and found this funny dark green acrylic yarn (why on earth did I buy it?) to ply with the green merino blend…

novelty ply green 1

merino silk blend & fancy acrylic ply

Once sat at the spinning wheel, ready to go, I realised I hadn’t a clue which way to ply… ‘S’ or ‘Z’… and hadn’t a clue how to handle plying yarns with a different twist! The merino blend had already been spun ‘S’ and then plied ‘Z’, so I opted for ‘S’ mainly because I didn’t want the merino to unravel.

I can’t say I’m exactly thrilled with the result though.  Both yarns are quite harsh and the result is a bit odd.

novelty ply blue

novelty blue

Here’s the green result…

novelty ply green

novelty green

Hey ho… much to learn in this area. Perhaps I’ll be able to incorporate them in some future weaving project!

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