No weaving class this week – it’s ‘half-term’ already.  However, we’ve been given some homework!

My weaving class takes place in a Church Hall and a week or so ago we received an invitation (sent out to all the groups who use the hall) to provide a decorated Christmas tree for the entrance lobby.  After a discussion, the class somewhat reluctantly agreed to participate.  With no little trepidation, we all volunteered to ‘weave’ tree decorations to showcase what our group does.

Last week, and with slightly more enthusiasm, we contributed ideas and settled on what everyone was going to attempt. The keener members of the class had brought some samples, and one lady had even persuaded her husband to construct a natural, handmade tree made of larch branches from the local forest.

Each of us is supposed to ‘weave’ two decorations – well, for ‘weave’ read ‘some interlacing of threads’.  We’ve also been asked to have a go at weaving a star for the top of the tree or to make some woven boxes or baskets to put round the base.

This all sounds fairly straightforward but I’ve never made any type of Christmas decoration.  What’s more, all the items will have to be tiny as the tree isn’t very big.  Oh help!

So I’ve been hitting the books and the Internet in search of inspiration or a YouTube video or two.

One of my books has some wonderful photographs of various God’s Eyes or Ojos de Dios – I had a go with some matchsticks!  In another book, there were instructions for weaving a moon and star using an embroidery hoop – I’ve bought a tiny hoop, ribbon, thread… but it all seems a bit of a faff.

Mercifully, I found this website tutorial – and here are the results

woven Christmas decoration

This is a more glittery and shiny version – although the little bow in the centre hasn’t worked as I don’t really do miniature!

woven Christmas decoration

woven Christmas decoration – bling version

And this is my collection including the matchstick God’s Eye.

woven Christmas decorations

I hope they’ll be small enough and light enough.  However, over the coming week I’m going to have a go at weaving something a little different.  If I succeed, I’ll be sure to post!

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