What a difference a yarn makes

I’ve just finished knitting a hat for my son’s birthday.  We’d chosen the yarn together – Debbie Bliss Rialto Aran (100% merino) in dark navy – and he’d specified the type of pattern.

Patrick's Hat

Birthday Hat

What fascinated me was just how different the 2×2 rib looks when compared to the hat I recently completed using the Rowan colourspun.

hat and cowl

Hat and cowl

I’m not an experienced knitter so the wonders of stitch definition have so far escaped me but even I can appreciate the difference here!

I’ve used the same pattern for both hats but the the 6×6 rib for the ‘turned-up’ section just didn’t work with the navy merino. This meant I unpicked my first version of the hat as it was so disappointing. It also meant I missed the birthday by one day.

I am pleased with the final result – a lovely thick ‘bouncy and stretchy’ hat which I hope will withstand the rough treatment coming its way!

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