The importance of knotting

The cushion fabric is off the loom and now I have to complete the project and make up the cushion.

I took the fabric to my weaving class during the week, and although it’s cotton the advice was to give it a wash to ‘soften’ the fabric.  I took this to be a diplomatic way of saying I’d beaten it too hard!  Maybe, but I was after a robust ‘upholstery’ type fabric that would withstand some wear and tear.

I was also reminded to secure the threads properly at either end.

Step 1… it’s a sunny day, so the fabric has been washed and is drying outside.

On the line

Cushion fabric drying in Autumn sunshine 

Next step… on reflection I should probably have left longer warp ends so I could knot them.  But last week, in my haste and excitement to cut the fabric off the loom, I probably made them a bit short.  I guess in my mind was the thought I’d be hemming the ends and that everything would be sewn in as I made up the cover.

However, during weaving class, we were told the cautionary tale of a weaving student in another class who had recently made the mistake of not knotting her ends. Cue shaking heads, cries of “oh no”.  I’m convinced teacher was looking pointedly in my direction!

This student had apparently used a thin yarn for the warp but a thicker one for the weft and as a result, her sewing had failed to secure the warp threads against the weft properly.  This meant that when the fabric was made up into a cushion with a cord edging, the weft had started to unravel in one corner.

Oh dear… although my warp and weft are the same yarn, I will have to pay special attention when I sew and hem to make sure all threads are caught.

Lesson learned!


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