New season… New projects

Summer (such as it was) is definitely over although today is one of those lovely sunny, fresh Autumn days.  Amazingly, we’ve managed to harvest this little group of tomatoes, carrots and a baby beet from what has been a somewhat disappointing vegetable growing experience!


Today’s harvest

I’ve not been too idle over the summer, knitting various items including this hat and cowl from two balls of Rowan colourspun.

hat and cowl

Hat and cowl

On the loom there’s some fabric for a cushion cover which was tricky to thread – made worse by a couple of mistakes which only came to light once I’d started to weave the pattern. I got quite hot and bothered unpicking everything to correct them!

cushion fabric

Cushion fabric on the loom.

The pattern is ‘A German Bird’s Eye I’ from ‘A Handweaver’s Pattern Book’ by Marguerite Davison (page 20). I’ve used 2/6 mercerised cotton (stone grey, azalea and signal red) sett quite closely at 18 epi.

Autumn heralds the start of a new term and Weaving class started up again on Thursday. I carried on weaving the cushion fabric and discussed plans for the term’s project.  I want to focus on doubleweave and work my way through the sample in my latest book purchase Doubleweave: The Weaver’s Studio by Jennifer Moore.

I used doubleweave many years ago for a hanging inspired by a photo my brother took in Taiwan.  I manipulated the threads on the top layer and stuck to plain weave for the bottom.  I remember enjoying the challenge so I want to explore the construction a bit more as there’s so much you can do with it.

Other projects I have in mind for the coming months include an inkle lanyard braid and more knitting.

Always too much to do and never enough time.

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