Keeping a record… you know you should!

Oh dear… I really should keep better records of my projects. At least with knitting there are generally detailed patterns to refer to. But with spinning and weaving, unless you’re following a given project to the absolute letter, then it is best to keep a written record – preferably accompanied by a photo. If a piece has been woven from scratch then it’s a must.

Looking back through my folder of scraps of notes…I am getting better but there are still far too many projects with various pieces of vital information missing.

weaving notes

weaving notes

Usually the date is missing – although my very first weaving sample worksheet is, amazingly, dated… Jan 2002.

first weaving

first weaving Jan 2002

I mostly record the warp/weft/sett “workings out” but in such a haphazard way that it’s doubtful they could be relied on. Why have I so many unhelpful project names such as “Scarf 1”, “Scarf 2” and “Runner”?  Why no photos or samples?  It’s sometimes difficult to match up the record to the finished article!

There is really no excuse because various template record sheets exist.  In Deborah Chandler’s book, ‘Learning to Weave’, for example, a good chunk of Lesson 3 is devoted to record keeping and a template sheet is provided (p.100).

Learning to Weave - Chandler

Learning to Weave – Deborah Chandler

There’s lots of sensible advice on why it’s such a good thing to do… but, reassuringly, an admission that the author is herself only a sporadic record keeper!

However, I really do want to improve.  So after doing a bit of research I’ve created my own weaving record sheet (pdf).  It’s based on the basic information we have to decide on when starting a new project during weaving class.

Feel free to use it!

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