Hopsack and twill

During my weekly weaving class, our teacher Colin often takes some time out to do a bit of formal ‘whole class’ teaching (as opposed to letting us follow our individual noses under his careful supervision). Recently, we explored Krokbragd which stimulated lots of discussion and resulted in several people taking the plunge and weaving lovely examples.  There’s an interesting article about Krokbragd here.

We’ve also been back to the basics and rediscovered the potential of plain weave and colour-and-weave.  We were even given a ‘test’ paper to ‘reinforce our learning’ (heavy irony required here!) – this one shows hopsack and twill.

back to basics

back to basics

It was during this ‘test’ that I remembered some handspun yarn that the lady sitting next to me had woven into skirt fabric many years previously using a combination of hopsack and twill. I’d be so taken with it that I’d woven a cushion cover using a similar pattern.

hopsack and twill

hopsack and twill fabric for a cushion cover

We both dug out our weaving and brought it to the next class and had a good old reminisce with Colin. Neither of us had actually made up the fabric into the finished article but we solemnly resolved to do so in the near future!

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