What’s on the loom?

I lug my trusty, ancient, George Maxwell 4-shaft table loom to class each week.  It groans and creaks, and the cords often break but it’s solid and stable. I wouldn’t swap it.

What’s on the loom at the moment?

My third sample for the overshot coverlet featured in Handwoven (Nov/Dec 2010, p 42).  It’s very appropriate for the Golden Jubilee year as it’s red/white/blue!

It’s been a struggle to achieve a satisfactory sett. I found that using 2/12 cotton warp made the fabric too flimsy and the colour balance wasn’t to my liking. So I’ve scaled it up. The current sample is using a 2/16 cotton warp and the weft is 4 strands of lace weight merino.

It’s been an interesting exercise. I adapted the draft and the threading needed some concentration. The third sample involved tying on a new warp to the existing one – something I haven’t attempted before.

However, after three samples, I’m now familiar enough with the complex pattern that I’m starting to feel more confident about playing with it.

I can’t imagine ever having the patience to weave the full size coverlet. If I did, I would have to weave at least two panels. I would also have to spin the merino otherwise it would cost a fortune.  Maybe one day, when I’m retired!

coverlet sample

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