Where did it all start?

I first started weaving in January 2002, thanks to my partner John who gave me a course of 10 lessons as a birthday present. One of the best presents ever!  My teacher was Colin Squire and I learnt a fantastic amount.  A few years later, I was introduced to a local spinning group by one of my weaving friends and was amazed at the sheer expertise and creativity of the women I met each week.

In May 2008 I started full-time work and had to give up my precious Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  I continued to do a little bit of weaving and spinning for a while but eventually work sucked me in and I stopped doing anything at all.

Mid way through 2010 I booked myself on a two-day spinning course at Wingham Wool Work in the hope that the course would rekindle my enthusiasm and kick-start me into doing something creative again.  Why spinning first rather than weaving?   It was quicker to get back into than weaving… it’s easier to pick up and drop given the demands of work and running a home.

By 2011 I was in a position to introduce more flexitime at work and having discovered that my weaving class (with Colin) was still going strong, I re-joined the Thursday morning class.

As a result, I’m weaving, spinning and knitting!

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